Invisible streetlight
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A solar energy streetlight modeled after tree branches and leaves.

Detailed Description:
Invisible Streetlight has been designed to depict the processes of photosynthesis conducted by plants using solar energy. By saving energy from sunlight during the day like actual trees, it emits light at night. The lights' flexible body can be directly wrapped around a tree branch with no support required, blending into the surrounding environment.

Known drawbacks of design:
The Invisible Streetlight is not attached in any way and the chances of it getting stolen are highly.


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energy, environment, public space, technology


The “Invisible Streetlight” has been metaphorically designed to depict the processes of photosynthesis conducted by actual plants using solar energy. Photocapacitor applied to Invisible Streetlight is equipped with both storage function and photoelectric function in a single structure. The conventional solar cell requires a secondary device, such as a battery, to store electric power generated from the sunlight. However, using the recently released nano wire battery with 10 times the capacity to store electricity, it will be possible to create this product in the thin leaf-like shape. The body of Invisible Streetlight is made by double injection of silicon and aluminum materials. Combination of this product to tree branches and also reduces weight of the product. Silicon with high thermal conductivity provides waterproofing function. Also, the semi-transparent silicon plays the role of diffusing the straight light of LED.

Intertwined with branches of existing trees, these lights also minimize the resources needed to construct them. They not only enhance the scenic beauty of a local park or sidewalk, they make it safer without contributing to climate change. The leaves play the role of making “Invisible Streetlight” invisible without damaging the nature as much as possible. “Invisible Streetlight” emits light at nighttime by saving energy during the day as of actual tree leaves.

The Invisible Streetlight is meant for public spaces such as parks and gardens where usual lighting is accommodated by power installations that take up way too much energy. This will bring forth energy efficiency in typical developed countries where the infrastructure is solid constructed.


Is the design protected by patent or ip registration?
not known

How has the development of the design been financed hereunto?
Not known

Is there a plan for future investments?
Not known

Is there in-house competencies to secure market roll out of the design, with regards to investment, distribution, sales, etc.?
Not known


Designed by:
Jongoh Lee

Designer, developer


Professional status of designer:
Industrial Designer

Republic of Korea

City/Country of residence:
Seoul, South Korea