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Foldable footwear

Detailed Description:
Minmax it's a sneaker that allows the shoe to fold into a compact size. I realized that each generation travels more but also that is taller than the previous one, so a foldable shoe could be a good idea. There is a need to pack the shoes without occuping too much volume because them will be bigger each generation. Minmax can be folded when not being used, so them occupy the minimum volume possible. The solution is to fill the inside volume that leaves the foot.

Known drawbacks of design:
I'ts a footwear made for lifestyle, not designed for the practice of certain sports, due to it's minimal subjection with elastics.


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energy, environment, globalization, lifestyle, mobility


I created a timeless design shoe that could fit to everybody’s life. The apperance is simple and minimalistic shoe, without added elements. To produce the folding it was necessary to remove the laces and incorporate elastics in some parts. When taking out the foot, it automatically folds due to the design of the seams regarding a bellow shape. I also had in mind the easily recicling parts of the shoe. For example, the sole is stiched to the upper part, instead of using glue, but also, the final shape has been designed considering the lower use of leather.

In the footwear market there are a few companies that deal with the concept of a foldable shoe but I thought this concepts could be redesigned in another way to get the maximum profit of space. The advantages of Minmax in the market are multiple: the user can keep the shoes in a backpack or travel bag occupying the minimum space. For the store means less space occupied in the back store with the possibility of having more shoes in stock. And finally for the manufacturer means a reduction of the material used in packaging and saving energy. 90% of transport is made by sea in contaners, so if the footwear company can carry more shoes per m3 in the contaners, they spend less money and energy and this translates in benefit for the company and into a direct environmental benefit.

With this footwear the travelers can carry their shoes as if it were a t-shirt, due it's minimum volume. For someone who travels often, it's possible to pack a pair of Minmax shoes for casual environments, instead of using his bussiness shoes. The footwear producer companies can benefit of this lose of volume to carry around more footwear and spend less money on travels.

Other relevant information
The idea came in late 2008, when I was packing my clothes to travel to London, when I thought it would be great to pack some shoes, but the problem was that them occupied half of the baggage. Origami figures came to my mind, and that is when it all started.


Proven and/or potential effects:
Yanko Design: "...There are advantages for both consumers and retailers from being able to fold it flat for storage. It’s a reduction in material waste and packaging. Brills!" 5magazine: "...It helps reduce waste from packaging materials to make Minmax eco-friendly footwear."

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Personal investment

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Designed by:
Marc Illan

Multidisciplinary designer


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Freelance Designer


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Prototype made by Carlos Bernal