Smart Baby Case
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A baby carriage designed to keep baby safe during disaster or travel.

Detailed Description:
The case plays the role of a temporary protection for a baby after the baby is born.

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lifestyle, mobility, public space, security, technology, urbanism


The main body design is inspired from the eliptical shape of an egg. As seen in nature an elliptical shape resembles the most perfect shape for infants to grow in. The Smart Baby Case is equipoised with some primary and essential features that provide a safe, healthy environment for infants to grow in, allowing parents to be more productive while enjoy raising up their infants. The baby is placed in the pod via the large clear hatch in the front which also allows parents to keep a close eye on their child. There is a smaller top door in the larger hatch so parents can have quick and easy access to baby. The top door also holds a communication system. Complete with a baby monitor via web cam so parents and baby can maintain visual contact. There are also safety breathing doors that supply the pod with a steady supply of fresh air. If the air pressure becomes too low or the air quality is poor the safety breathing doors close and air purification system kicks in

The case is warn inside, resembling an incubator that allows the baby to feel as though mother hugs him or her. The Smart Baby Case can protect the baby in a polluted environment.

Traveling with a baby can be challenging. You need to make sure there's a solid supply of diapers and food as well as lug around that bulky stroller. The design is a hard case pod that borrows design cues from the humble egg, a shape already familiar to a child. The case would keep baby safe and comfortable while the parents navigate the hustle and bustle of pedestrian traffic or get to safety in the case of an emergency.


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creative commons

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Pouyan Mokhtarani

Product inventor


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Industrial designer

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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