One-Handed Condom Wrapper
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An inclusive condom wrapper that preserves [a Hemiplegic's] human dignity & feelings of confidence

Detailed Description:
In an attempt to resolve a moment of angst for Hemiplegics [semi paralysis condition], the one-handed condom wrapper addresses the impractical impenetrability of contemporary condom packaging. Designed to exploit the moment of opening it focuses on this ritual and how a sense of charm can be created. A finger-snap un-wrap reveals the condom between finger and thumb transforming a mood killer into something positive and captivating; an enhancing tool and next generation contraceptive experience.

Known drawbacks of design:
Further R&D needed to refine packaging to create a sale-able product in terms of exact perforation detailing and material specifics. Testing so far has however indicated the design to be entirely feasible and users' feedback has been extremely positive.


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Status of realization:

Empowerment, Health, Lifestyle, Mobility

Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


Stylistically the design remains true to conventional wrappers, avoiding anything too radical or foreign in appearance in order to establish a level of familiarity and intuition; ultimately ensuring it's usability. A durable outer foil layer with perforated design protects an inner sealed plastic membrane which preserves the condom itself. Testing and feedback has revealed a satisfying level of intuition and appreciation of the solution; an encouraging example of designing for disability resulting in a product that is better for everyone. Keeping the wrapper un-branded, was the only way to appreciate what the design meant, exploiting the one-handed perforated opening to differentiate it from it's competitors whilst avoiding similar brand connotations or tarnishing. This allows the user to read it on it's most simple level; as a relatively subtle intervention intended to improve a moment.

The project considers challenges a Hemiplegic faces during sexual maturity and how indignity manifests itself. The one-handed condom is an intervention created to help combat feelings of angst and boost a persons confidence during a vulnerable moment. Unwrapping a condom can be a stressful experience; using two hands is hard enough, having full use of only one hand makes it nearly impossible. With increasing feelings of awkwardness between partners [and added pressure from surrounding social groups] this activity can cause surprising distress and embarrassment. The solution is driven by an appreciation of situation in response to embarrassing awkward feelings people suffer due to the hindrance of a condition. It is a manifestation of a situation we might all face at some point in time, but the problem is more acute for Hemiplegics. The intervention enables a behaviour making it easier to do things we all perhaps take for granted and removes the opportunity for indignity to arise.

Childhood Hemiplegia is a condition affecting one side of the body with semi-paralysis symptoms similar to that of a stroke. It is caused by damage to the brain which can make simple tasks we take for granted surprisingly difficult. Common effects of the condition include an involuntary contraction of muscles limiting function and numbing the senses in the affected side, and a reduction in cognitive and spatial feedback/performance. This can lead to problems sequencing information, a lack of comprehension of social situations, low self esteem and a failure to obtain the dexterity we take for granted. The one-handed condom originally began as a healthcare project attempting to targeting the needs of Hemiplegics but through the design process has revealed a solution appreciated by, and benefiting all.

Other relevant information
During my final-year of study at The Glasgow School of Art I was keen to find an un-explored area of healthcare where design thinking could attempt to add value. The solution evolved from a brief examining the specific effects of a condition, providing an new and novel innovation that has been praised and appreciated by a world-wide audience.


Proven and/or potential effects:
Global condoms market to reach 27 billion units and $6.0 billion by 2015, according to new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The one-handed condom wrapper would facilitate increased use and adoption of condoms, providing a more usable and desirable contraceptive experience.

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Personal investment

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Designed by:
Ben Pawle



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United Kingdom

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